Skipping is the new Jogging

Pound for pound, skipping is one of the best forms of calorie burners.  I haven’t used a skipping rope since I was a little kid.  I figured only boxers and kids 5 and under use the skipping rope but then I started doing research on ways to burn calories and forms of cardio that weren’t the stair climber or running.  Living in Canada, running is great for 8 months of the year, the other 4 is just not something I’m interested in.  I don’t mind running in the cold, but running in -20-degree is just a bit much for this guy.

I stumbled upon a Youtube channel called Jump Rope Dudes, Formerly Zen Dudes Fitness.  These guys know their shit when it comes to skipping.  Their channel teaches you proper form, proper equipment, jump height and various other techniques.  I had some concerns when it came to skipping such as the effect that it would have on my knees and ankles.  These concerns were null when they walked me through proper technique.  Turns out you don’t have to jump a foot off the ground like I was doing when I was a kid.  Just bouncing an inch off the ground is enough and keeping a straight and loose body makes it a low impact form of cardio.

Skipping burns about 15 calories a minute, which is far more than the treadmill and stair climber.  It can be a form of HIIT when you push it and blasts calories and melts that fat like butter on a fire.  I have been looking for a new finisher for my workouts and skipping has been great for the week I’ve been doing it.  I try and keep the rope moving for 5-10 minutes and at the end of that I burn over 100 calories.  Not bad for such a short time.  I was naive when it came to the cardio workout that skipping is.  After 60 seconds, I’m sweating and out of breath.  Not sure if this is because I need to get used to skipping or because I avoid cardio likes it’s Ebola.  At the end of the skip, I feel exhausted and is a great way to end a workout.

My plan for skipping is to build a solid foundation of technique and pace.  5-10 minutes is enough for me right now but as I get more comfortable I can start to add to this.  I must admit I am self-conscious about skipping in front of people.  I am no professional so I am constantly fucking up and getting frustrated.  My gym is great because it has a yoga room so I just go in there and I can skip alone in peace.  After skipping for a week, I am making small improvements, but small improvements lead to big results.  It’s encouraging to look on Youtube and see all the skipping transformation videos.  I will include my favorite at the end of this post.  The results aren’t all because of skipping because diet plays an important role but nonetheless, results are results.  Skipping has become my new jogging, and I don’t have to endure the cold of winter to do so 🙂


Soon to be “Johhny Two Plates”