Day 20: Were Back for Back Day

We were back at it again with another back day, and boy was I excited to walk into the gym.  I had taken three days off to heal a sore neck which was starting to feel much better.  This time to let my neck heal also gave my body three days to heal as well.  I walked into the gym feeling strong and rested.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to give it 100 in the gym today because I didn’t want to aggravate the injury, but it was a sign I was headed in the right direction and was ready to get back at it and get a sweat going.

I always start with back day because I like to think of myself as different from all the other gym rats.  Monday signals the start of the work week, and the workout week.  Monday’s have been decreed as International Chest Day at every gym across the globe.  Since I like being unique and don’t like waiting 45 minutes for a bench, I do back on Monday and chest on Tuesday (normally).  This simple observation on bench wait times has changed my life and lead to tremendous gains that would have otherwise been missed.

The workouts I’m going to be doing will be changing soon.  I have been following the bro split for the past couple months.  For those who don’t know, the bro split is when you do chest one day, then back, then arms, then legs, then shoulders and you repeat this. This is great for foundation building and getting back into it, but it is easy to plateau and hurts your gains over the long haul.  In my workouts, next week, I will be switching to a different style of workout.  I will be switching to a pull day, a push day and leg day.  This split works multiple muscle groups per workout, but gives less time off for each muscle group, which is better for gaining strength and will better serve me in achieving my goal.  Muscles will be activated more often, and not left to sit for 7 days after they are done their workout for the week.


  • 8-minute stair climber to get the blood flowing
  • 5-minutes stretching to get shoulders loose


  • Lat pulls 100 for 15, 115 for 10 for 4 sets
  • Lat pull narrow reverse grip 100 for 10 for 3 sets
  • Chin Ups: 8 for 3 sets
  • Aussie Pull Ups: 15 for 3 sets
  • T-Bar Row: 90 for 15 for 2 sets, 135 for 6, 115 for 6 for 2 sets
  • Seated Cable Row: 45 for 20, 50 for 15, 60 for 8, 70 for 8 for 2 sets
  • Dumbbell Shrugs: 60 for 15 for 3 sets

Take Away From Workout:  By the end of my back days I am noticing that my grip strength is shot.  Now this is normal for intense workouts, but I am noticing that when I am doing my lifts that my grip isn’t the strongest, and I’m cradling the weight when I should be gripping it hard.  I narrowed this down to my forearm strength.  Moving forward, to avoid injury and not plateau with my back days and deadlifts, I will need to work on my forearms to build their strength up.  It’s funny how these secondary muscle groups can affect your bigger lifts in such a large way.


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”

Day 19: Rest Day – Changes Moving Forward

When I started blogging I jumped right into it, bought the domain, set up the theme quick and didn’t even think through what I wanted to write about or the strategy I was going to use.  It was just something that interested me as a young marketer who needed to become comfortable writing content.  I knew I wanted to focus on something fitness related, but the form that this would come in was still a mystery to me.  With so much emphasis today being placed on video in regards to filming workouts and body transitions, I felt like the written word is something that is being forgotten about in the fitness realm.  The written word is a story just like a video, but ingested in a different way.

After a month of blogging, I’m ready to build on what I have been doing and have no interest in abandoning it anytime soon.  While the blog is great for sharing detailed posts about what I have been doing in my workouts, there are still aspects of my daily life that aren’t being touched on, which play an important part of my fitness goal.  I’m mainly referring to cardio and diet here.

They say that to achieve the body you desire, 90% of the work is done in the kitchen, and 10% is done in the gym.  This means that I have only been reporting on 10% of my day-to-day activity.  This provides me with an exciting problem.  How do I want to showcase my diet and cardio that I am doing outside the gym?  The answer that I have come up with involves branching out from blogging to social media.  Instagram is a visually engaging channel which is great for showcasing diet.  The diet that I am on is always changing depending on my fitness goals and how my body is feeling.  Currently my diet emphasizes proteins and fats with fewer carbohydrates.  I have been trying to time my carbohydrates to ingest them prior to or after a workout, which is harder than it seems.

I will be posting what I am eating daily on my Instagram to hopefully be a positive example to show what meal prepping is like and how to easily make healthy meals at home without spending a ton of money.  My philosophy on eating clean is that if you are feeling good, and feeling like your moving in the direction, then you are on the right path.  I don’t count calorie intake or ratio of protein/fats/carbs just because of the sheer time it takes to do, and the reality is that counting is guessing most of the time.  Your body is a natural counter, and you just need to listen to what it is telling you, and that’s how you mold your diet to best fit your body.


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”