Legs make up roughly half the body, so don’t ignore them.  If you’re like me and are not a fan of squats, then I would like to introduce you to goblet squats.  This form of squat is great for beginners.  Don’t feel a rush to get under the bar and look to load up the plates.  Goblet squats use a dumbbell and the focus is on lighter weight and form.  Keep your back upright and core engaged and try to get to depth.  You’ll find yourself able to get more weight and perfect your form this way.  If you feel yourself failing, you can just drop the weight.  It’s easier to do this with a goblet squat than when you have a bar on your back.  This type of squat is a great stepping stone and once you feel comfortable with them, jump under the bar and try a more conventional squat form.


  • Stair Climber for 5
  • Lower body static stretch
  • Shoulder stretch


  • Leg Press (legs touching in middle): 180 for 15, 270 for 10, 360 for 8 for 4 sets
  • Leg Press (normal stance) 360 for 8, 450 for 6 for 2 sets, 540 for 4 for 2 sets, 360 for 10
  • Lunges: 60 pound barbell walking for 15 steps each leg. 3 sets
  • Quad Extension machine: 50 for 10 each leg for 6 sets (Rest every 2 sets), 30 for 20 for 3 sets (resting every 2 sets)
  • Goblet Squats: 70 for 12 for 4 sets
  • Calf Raises: 70 for 10 for 3 sets
  • Calf Raise Machine: 115 for 8 for 3 sets.
  • Hip abduction machine: 145 for 15 for 3 sets


Post Workout:

  • Jump rope for 7 minutes


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”

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