There comes a time in ever training regimen that changes must be made in the name of progress, I am at such a point right now.  Following the bro split has been great for building a foundation, but my gains are slowing down and my body is in plateau.  I am going to drop down to a three-day split.  I will have a pull day where I will work back and biceps.  I will have a push day where I work chest, shoulders and triceps.  And lastly, I will have a leg day where I focus on the lower body.

The reason that I am doing this is to get more activation out of my muscle groups.  With the bro split, I had a week to recovery with each muscle group.  While this was great at first, when your body becomes acclimatized to work you’re doing, you are fully recovered and ready to go again a few days later.  This leaves the muscle isolated and untouched when it could be getting some work in.  This new split will help me get to each muscle group twice a week which will help with my strength gain.

There is no ab day, because abs are something that I try and touch most day.  Weather it is in a workout that I post on this blog or just late at night before bed, abs are something that can benefit from getting hit more often.  I never realized how important working your core is.  A strong core can help your bench press, squat and deadlift.  These compound movements help to activate your core and give it a workout, but this is not enough.  Hitting core quickly after your workout to give it a quick burn will help it gain the strength it needs.


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”

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